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Friday, July 22, 2011


All items listed -- and seen -- are for sale. All photos are recent, from our own studio so they depict the exact state of all exhibits. 
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This is one of a kind piece for collectors, museums and historians. The legendary collaboration between Ampex and Kudelski for the one inch broadcast color portable video recorder. SOLD TO AUSTRALIA

Classic, rare, fully restored, working, beautiful, unique
Philco Predicta TV set (50s)

It's 1958 again! Dwight Eisenhower was President, Elvis was back from the service, and theYankees played the Braves in the World Series. This 21"Philco Predicta Model was the first of the Predicta line, the first to feature a picture tube that would swivel 180 degrees! This "Holiday" model was introduced just before the holidays in 1958. This beautiful set has been electrically and cosmetically restored. The picture tube checks like new and delivers a sharp, bright picture. The paper capacitors and out-of-tolerance resistors have been replaced with new (that are better than the originals). All tubes either have been replaced with new or check like new. Other preventative measures, such as recoating the high voltage transformer with several coats of insulating materials-have been done. The chassis has been steam-cleaned and there is no dust. The set is shown playing an old movie from a DVD (there is no built in antenna). We supply a cable adaptor for watching new shows on either cable or local antenna.

Akai Portable Camera

Akai Portable Video recorder (Reel to Reel)

Fujinon broadcast TV zoom lens

Grundig TK46 reel to reel tape recorder

Grundig BK-100 reel to reel video recorder

Hitatchi FP-10 Video Camera with viewfinder

Lexicon 7-T reel to reel tape recorder

Ultrascribe Lie Detector (Polygraph)

Philips N1500 Video Cassette Recorder

Philips N1700 Video Cassette Recorder

Dukane Fliptop Record player with slide projector

Packard-Bell Phonocord Record player / recorder

Shibaden FP-100 Camera and zoom lens

Shibaden FPC-1000 Broadcast camera

Shibaden SV-620D reel to reel video recorder

Sony AV-3600 reel to reel (helical scan) color video recorder

Sony VCK2400 portable helical scan video recorder

pictured here with its camera

Triomatic vintage record player

Megavision 2000 TV

Webster wire audio recorder (yes, before tape was invented,
recorders used a thin wire as a recording medium)

Westel Airborne Video 1 inch used on airlines

CartriVision instant replay camera
A real collector's item! This little piece of history is one of the original home video cameras. Originally sold with a matching VCR, this camera is a stand-alone item. External controls: Zoom, Focus and light sensitivity. Internal focus adjustments can enable it to do good close-up work. Included is a pistol-grip, control cable and Service Manual. The camera will mount on any standard tripod. Requires 18 Volts DC power and a 60Hz signal for synchronization (may be coupled by a capacitor from the power transformer)

Grundig LDL 1002 reel to reel home video recorder

Philips LDL 1002 home video recorder (Grunding equivalent)

RFT ATO Magneton combination record player / tape recorder

Betamovie portable system

Sonymatic 2002 helical scan video recorder, the first
to broadcast on Greek TV (YENED) in 1968

Bell Sound Systems reel to reel tape recorder

Monacor transistorised tape recorder

Panasonic transistorised portable tape recorder

Philips portable record player

Seminole TR-70 reel to reel tape recorder

Sony 211 portable tape recorder

Sony 1011 reel to reel tape recorder

Technicolor Video Showcase VCR / Monitor combo.
Extinct, rare collector's item

Westinghouse portable record player with headphones

Craig portable (battery) tape recorder
Grundig home video recorder, one of the first to hit
the European market, together with the equivalent Philips

Newcomb portable record player, circa 1952

RCA VCT201 home videocassette recorder, the very first VHS VCR, also the very first
home videcassette player-recorder in Greece, one week after its introduction
to the U.S. market. Was paired with a NTSC TV set.

Sanyo VTC100 portable video recorder (cartridge)

Sanyo VC500 pair camera for the VCR above

Sony AVC3200 vidicon B&W camera, common in small studios in the seventies

Sony AV8650, the company's first color electronic editing
home video unit

Sony DV2400CE portable reel to reel video recorder

Sony AV3650, the company's second B&W editing version of the
legendary 2100

Sony VO4800 U-Matic color / editing portable recorder. U-matic was
the company's first semi-professional (also called "industrial"
format which for years was used in Greece as a broadcast format.

Ikegami ITC 730 studio camera.

Horniphone stereo reel to reel tape recorder

RCA Selectavision Video (optical) Disk player

Universal Assman Dictating Machine

Nordmende Video Vision VCR (Philips 1700 equivalent)

Tulot Two track tape recorder

Edison 1C portable reel to reel tape recorder, dictating machine

Grundig , 2x4 / 2x8, yet another German videocassette format

National NV3160 helical scan semi-professional video
recorder (after Sony's patent)

Panasonic NV8200 super VHS professional recorder / editor

Philco Predicta A93 ("portable" model) B&W TV set

Shibaden SV510 half inch helical scan, also after Sony's patent

Sony A90 studio camera
Ampex VR-15002 inch B&W Video Tape Recorder (1963)

Bauer Portable Reel to Reel Video Recorder

Emidicta Dictation Machine. Worked with a disk made
of magnetized audio tape.

The grandfather of Home Theater. Hand cranked film
projector of moving images. The light source was a candle!

Tefifon Cassette Player (50s). To see how it works:

Hybrid Grammophone and record player. The motion
was electric, the head was of a traditional gramophone (needle).

Philips in-car record player. The luxury of the sixties.
Plays 45 RPM records with special suspension to avoid bumps.

Old Remington Rand typewriter

Spy wire recorder (pre tape) using wire instead of tape

Telefunken Teldec Video Disk Player, the grandfather of DVD

                 And this was the flexible plastic disk that was played by a regular stylus. Each disk had 10 minutes of color picture and audio (1975)

Old Wurlitzer JukeBox

And the pride of my collection, a totally original
Wurlitzer JukeBox, the "Bubble" model. Loaded with
special 45 records which had hits on both sides
(as opposed to regular 45s which would have a
B side with some unknown song)

In detail

...and more detail!

Ampex VPR-20 Portable 1 inch (1980s). Watch the TV spot

Canon Electronic Typewriter

Fada 190A Neutrolette, one of the first dry battery
operated radios (1925)

Kodak Medialet Carousel slide projector

My first laptop, a Zenith which worked on DOS.
I wrote two or three screenplays on this.

RCA T6-1 radio

Sony SVR-4000 Laser disk recorder

Starfire portable tape recorder
JVC Nivico PV4500 Portable VTR

Panasonic AU500 portable VTR (broadcast)

Sanyo VC500 camera

Sanyo VTC100 portable VTR (paired with the camera)

Sanyo VCM2000 viewfinder camera (semi broadcast)

Sony AVC-3250 viewfinder camera

Webster Chicago wire recorder
Philips Video Tape 1 inch Recorder 3400A

Sanyo 1350 Helican Scan VTR

Sony AV3620C Helican Scan VTR

Sony EV320F VTR
ELF 16mm Sound Projector

ICV 701 1 inch VTR

Philips TR3 reel to reel tape recorder

Roberts 990 stereo tape recorder

Sanyo 1375 helical scan VTR
Astra-Sonic Wire Recorder with Turntable

Hitachi FP60S Color Broadcast Camera

Philips LD1002 Helical Scan VTR

Quasar VHS VCR

Philips N1700 VCR

Ancient NCR laptop

IR Radio portable cassette recorder

Sony 760 portable TV 8 inch

Panasonic PAL/NTSC TV-monitor

Magnecorder PT6A reel to reel tape

Apple Macintosh computer circa 1986

Akai portable cassette recorder and camera

Carod radio/turntable

Dage 101AF broadcast camera with turret lenses

Sony portable U-Matic recorder
Zenith AM-FM radio

Ampex 7300 full color VCR

Panasonic NV5125 VCR

Concord 1100 helical scan VTR

Ediphon, Thomas Edison's first (historic) dictation machine (1927). Worked
with wax cylinders on which audio was engraved. You
can see the microphone (not electric) which transmitted
voice through a tube. A true museum piece rare to find
in any private collection

Ediphon, Thomas Edison's dictation machine. Wax cylinders.

Ampex VPR 5800 one inch video recorder

Concord 450 portable video recorder

Panasonic NV3080 portable video recorder

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